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I am an ardent reader of "Quora" Even on my busy schedule i would spent at least 20 to 30 mins, Because i believe it relieves my mood and soothes me. One fine day when i way surfing my Quora, i read this one and felt to share this in my blog. A random man... Continue Reading →


What Is SEO, SEM, SMM & SMO?

Everyone talks about digital evolution because they believe that their business would get success in the online streams and ponder’s to find their way towards web developers to have a website for their business. But do you believe only having a website results in good leads for your business. Absolutely No  A newborn baby need’s... Continue Reading →

Step By Step Guide To Start an Online Food Ordering Business

Felt informative and and also clearly instructed

Trioangle Technology

Foodpanda's Sustainable Steps012.jpgOnline food ordering business is one of the booming business late days. The current and next generation people highly got adapted to this service. Without debate we could agree that the wheel behind the success of the business is undoubtedly convenience and availability it provides.

Yes without tiresome, the user can order food easily and collect that in a door step at reasonable rate. The restaurant can increase the sales rate incredibly, and finally the driver will earn money through and he has flexibility to work. So its contributing service for three kinds of people, What else one need for the success for the business ?

By the end of this article you will get to know how to begin a online food ordering business and the significance of technical support, either through UberEats clone script or any other.

Step By Step Guide To Start an Online Food Ordering Business

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Now Dating Service in FACEBOOK

Facebook, a prominent brand intensely worked to break the ice between the people and helps them to bridge the communication and engage with other individual. Right now Facebook went an extra mile and intensely involved about the Dating service. Already Zuckerberg in F8 conference announced about this interesting dating features and today it is rolled... Continue Reading →

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